12 CE Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage Basics

CE Institute


Click HERE for the have a 2 Day 12 CE Hour Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage Basics on May 21 & 22nd.

Class includes: Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage History Stories, Contraindications, Sensitizations & Irritations, Phototoxic Oils, Essential Oil Physiology, Physiological Effects, Therapeutic Effects, Classifications & Categories, Notes: Top, Middle & Base, Types of Use, Review/Smell 25+ Essential Oils, Synergy Oil Blending, Practical Aromatherapy Massage Practice & Receipt, plus review of Hot Stone Materials, Stone Classifications & Supplies Needed for Hot Stone Bodywork, Chakra Stones/Colors, Instructor Demonstration plus Brief Practice and Receipt of Hot Stone Massage

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