18 CE Lymphatic Drainage Full Body & Facial 2 DAY CLASS $275

CE Institute


This 2 DAY CLASS is scheduled on Wednesday May 31st 9 am - 9:10 pm & Thursday June 1st 10 am - 4:30 pm.

This class combines both the 12 CE Hour Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Class and the 6 CE Hour Lymphatic Facial Class.  This 2 day class is 12 CE Hours the first day (when we work only on the body) and 6 CE Hours on the 2nd day (when we work only on the face with different techniques). Both the full body and facial techniques are for Lymphatic Drainage.  The $275 class price provides a small financial discount for those who want to take both the Lymphatic Full Body & Lymphatic Facial Classes.

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