3 CE Hour "SWEET SESSION™" $50

CE Institute



Class Includes learning a New Bodywork called a "Sweet Session™".   Instructor Demonstration, Hands-On Practice & Receipt are all included.  Sweet Sessions™ are usually provided to clothed clients in a semi-recumbent position.

Sweet Sessions™ can be provided to  the most compromised clients including most that would be contraindicated for "regular bodywork".  Bodywork includes gentle massage, joint rotation, energy work plus muscle and bone tracing. Some select clients that might be able to receive a Sweet Session™ but not "regular bodywork" include:

  • clients whom are post surgery/swollen
  • receiving toxic medical treatments such as chemotherapy
  • have prenatal bodywork contraindications i.e. ecampsia/toxemia
  • are in severe pain and have low tolerances
  • suffer from serious osteoporosis or are gravely geriatric
  • hospice settings